Monday, March 31, 2008

The Beautiful Wedding Weekend! =)

Grab a cup of coffee...if you want to see every last one..this is going to take a while. Mind you...these are only the ones I took...with a little help from Daut....

The photographer took some 3000 and is giving the rights to use .....hang on...when the kids get those.....oh, my..I can't wait!! =)


cheryl said...

Made it through ALL of them....AGAIN! :) Can't get enough of them! We just LOVED having you here this weekend and it truly made me sad when you all left. Looking forward to MANY years ahead bein' kinfolk with you! These are such sweet pictures Sandy. We're gonna have FUN these next few weeks playing with a bazillion photos, aren't we?
Kids got off to Florida in fine shape..Kristin and Caroline made it to the other airport in plenty of time and it's pretty quiet here this morning! I have stacks of "stuff" everywhere to remind me of our delightful weekend though!

Wonder if Brian and Amy would mind if I just tossed it in their po.ds? LOL!

love you all!!!

Kris said...

I'm sure there's still room in the 3rd po.d, Cheryl!! ;)

Love all the pics from your camera, Mom!

Janna said...

Love all of the pictures!
It looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Happy Birthday!!!