Wednesday, March 05, 2008

South Carolina Bound

The kids left Andy and Anna's Around 7:30 this morning.
Adam called two times today. The first time, around 11 am, they had gone through KC. When they called at 4:45 they had just gone through St. Louis. They were scheduled to arrive at Uncle Scott and Aunt Kim's around 9:15, but had to stop for supper, so thought they would be there around 10 pm tonight. They will stay and visit in the morning and let the kids all get some cousin time, and head south after lunch. I expect it will be a pretty long day and will get to thier new home late evening. I'm sure they will be all settled in by Friday night. =)


cheryl said...

That wagon train scares me a bit!!

P.S. This Mamma has a new external hard drive + 512 GM more of ram! (did I say that right? LOL!) I'm faster than a slow moving turtle now! THANKS AMY!!

anna said...

Yes, just a bit disturbing, but very cool! Nice photoshopping, Mama! Aren't you glad they don't have to travel like they did back then? And way to go, Cheryl, on your beefed up computer!

cheryl said...

Ha...Amy let me know that I don't have GM's...that is a car! I have GB's which is a computer term! Wonder what the next level is?

And Sandy...even back in the wagon train days they had to stop and feed the horses! It'd be great if they got to their next campsite by dusk, but that's probably not gonna happen, huh?

I'm such a sluggard today! BUT...we have tablecloths and skirts ordered!! ;-) See ya soon!

Brian said...

1 Terabyte is next (1 TB = 1000 gigabytes)... and mom will probably need a hard drive that big sometime in 2009 I would bet! :-)

cheryl said...

The comment made by the above "brainiac" is MY FSIL! And I love him! (oh you're so smart!) I have no idea what a Terabyte is, but I do know what teracotta is as well as Ricotta...and Evan and Luke taught me what a Teradactyle is! Now..if I could spell them all right, I'd be impressive! I almost have a Terabyte? Can you eat it? :-)