Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hi from Rainy KC

I left at 4:03 am this morning. It started raining at our east corner and I drove in light to moderate rain until St. Jo, MO. I had a nice visit with Peg before Lisa came to take her to the airport. Dad is eating good and was up about three hours total today. The home health nurse stopped by late morning and checked his blood pressure, etc. and said he is doing fine. Toni came over for the afternoon and we had a nice visit. I had to spoil Dad a little....made him fried chicken, potatoes and gravy and creamed corn. ....I'll fix you guys some when I get home, best friend... =)

Well, I'll go finish up the bookwork that I brought down..... =)

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anna said...

Sounds yumolicious! Glad you can spoil him, he'll appreciate you being it cold and rainy there too?