Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Feels Like Spring...

Wow it is a beautiful day here! The trees are in bloom and it is breezy and about 75°. I went to church this moring with Toni and the girls and out to lunch at Pan.era Bread...which is always yummy! I brought Dad back a cheeseburger meal from Wend.y's and he ate that right up.

He is having a good day today. We went out on the deck and I gave him a much needed haircut and we just sat out there and visited over an hour. He sure has good hearing ....and good vision! There were a pair of cardinals in some bushes about 100 yards away and he spotted them right away and was whistling at birds singing and they would answer back. I know he enjoyed that.

I am planning on heading back north mid-morning on Tuesday, if all goes well.

Peggy is having a great time in TX and won $500 at bingo yesterday!! =) She split it with her friend, they both are happy, I'm sure! =)

I have been taking a few photos, but will wait until I get back to NE to post anything as I am on Dad's computer back here and don't want to bother back here...... All for today.... =)

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Kelly said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Your comments about your dad remind me of Kendal's Dad, Carl...and it makes me miss him. He's always spotting and singing to the birds, too!