Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A lot of firsts and some KC photos...

The first...first............ Steve got the first cornfield planted today. He started late yesterday and finished our "Charlotte's" field just east of the house. He plants with GPS, so the rows are beautifully straight. It was just a gorgeous spring day and the trees are beginning to leaf out.

Another was my first day at work....well ...kind of...... I am going to work one day a week at the clinic where I have been getting therapy for the past six months. I went in for therapy this morning ,and stayed for an extra couple hours for training. I really enjoyed helping people with their exercises, getting rooms cleaned and ready for the next patient, and many other tasks. I will train as many hours as I can pop in and officially start May 9th. There is a lot to learn and I couldn't believe how fast the time went.

Kids, remember your second grade teacher, Mrs. Barret??? Her husband was in getting therapy and I visited with her for a bit when she came to pick him up. I helped him with his leg exercises. One thing they (the patients) all have in common is one degree or another. It was a joy to visit with them I am sure there will be many interesting stories as to why they are there being treated. =)

Here are a few photos from my stay in KC this weekend. Toni and Lisa treated me to lunch at a cute restaurant in Prarie Vill.age.I kept telling Dad for two days that I was not leaving without giving him a haircut............ and I kept my word... =)
A shot of Dad and his dog. Buffy got me up every time Dad would wake up and get up. She really is a good helper. I did let her know I would rather sleep alone...and she was fine with that. =).... She slept about 3 feet away from me most of the nights.
I think my guys are glad to have me home. Menu-man, Michael, requested meatloaf, baked potatoes and baked beans for supper. He always has good ideas! =)


Sandy B said...

Glad to hear the news about the corn planting and about your new job! That sounds like right up your alley, plus more chances to share with those folks about the Lord. Hope it goes really well for you.

cheryl said...

loved your pics and seeing your pretty sisters! Your Dad's haircut made him look 10 years younger! Maybe I need a haircut...then again, maybe I need to stop eating mexican food this week! :)

Glad we're all home! Now to get my honey back from Minnesota...and I'll be good!

Kris said...

So glad Dad could get some kernels in the much news in this post! I think you're going to have way too much fun at the clinic now-it's almost not right that you get paid to have fun for a few hours a week :)

Thanks for the update. I hope the picture file got to you ok...I didn't hear back..let me know if I need to resend.