Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Update on Cheryl's Dad.....

I had an email from Amy saying that her grandpa had an angioplasty and another stint put in today. She also said that his pnemonia is getting better. Thanks for the prayers on his behalf. I am sure that it is a releif to Cheryl and Dennis and would be a lot easier to enjoy their vacation knowing he is getting along better. I'm sure it is to Amy too, now that she is not right around the corner anymore! I know Ally is a big help there for them as their Grandma doesn't drive anymore and I am sure she is wanting to spend most of her time with him at the hospital.

Thanks for the update, Amy, we will continue to keep him in our prayers... =)

(I would have put the update on your blog, Cheryl, but I forgot the password, and don't know what we wrote it on......oh, dear, ........I'm sure it will only get worse.... =)


Kris said...

Thanx for posting this-I've been praying for them all!

anna said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so glad he's doing better, what a tough time for family to be spread out. We'll pray for continued healing.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update.

cheryl said...

Thank you SO much everyone for your prayers!!! We're HOME!! Had an absolutely LOVELY time and so glad we went ahead and went. I'll have some pics posted soon, but for tonight, I must get some sleep!

Dad is still in the hospital and I just got home from seeing him. The Lord saw fit to have a Dr. THERE during the time I was there and I was so thankful that I could get a good rundown of the week from the wonderful medical staff.

Turns out, Dad didn't have pneumonia, but did have fluid in his lungs and he's still getting rid of that. He coughed so hard that he ruptured a blood vessel in his abdomen and now has a 10 cm sized hematoma in there, but the surgeon said since it wasn't actively bleeding any longer that he was going to monitor it and see if it won't resolve on it's own! So..pray in that light!

He's still coughing and on pain meds for the pressure in his belly, and Mom has a bad cold! I will tend to her tomorrow.

In the meantime, it's good to go, but it's good to come home!

Thank you for praying...it means so much!

love you all, c