Thursday, April 03, 2008

Michael's Award

We were invited to KZ CO's monthly pizza meeting today. They talk about how well the last month went and upcoming projects, etc. They also recognize outstanding performance from the past month. We were invited because Michael was given an award for Quality Control because he found he was given too large of O rings for his fittings and he let them know right away, so the wrong ones did not get put on. He was given a nice plaque and a KZ CO t-shirt (he actually got two!). As shown in the photos, he was pretty surprised and very pleased.
We did not tell him he was receiving an award, we just told him they invited us to come too. It was a special day for him! Thanks Keith and Ardith, he is very proud of his new job! =)
He also was given another new job to do today. This one has three steps to it, and he caught right on. He had a box full done in just the little time before lunch that he learned it, until 3 pm when I came back to pick him up!


Andy said...

Congratulations to Mike! That is awesome! I'm sure it was great to be there to see him get the award!

Kris said...

How exciting, Michael! I'll bet you want to wear the KZ shirts now when you go to work there :)

Keep up the good work, best Dude!!

Kelly said...

Way to go, Michael! You are such a special guy, and we hope to see you next time we come up to Lincoln!

anna said...

Congrats, Mike on the good job and hard work! Big hug to you!

cheryl said...

GREAT JOB MICHAEL!!! {said in her best cookie monster voice!} You are such a good worker! I'm sure this isn't the last of your awards!