Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mama, Daut Slumber Party

What a great evening for me! When Kristin calls, I always have her hang up and call her back, as I have free nationwide long distance. We talked for a while and then hubby was trying to get me, so I let her go. I called back and we talked for another 204 minutes! She did talke to Michael and her Dad a bit in there. The Papa asked what in the world we talked about....."everything, I said!" It is so good to hear about church and all the kids are involved in and the new friends and ministry opportunities, etc. I know it was this morning before I got to bed...and an hour later for you, Daut! Hope you had a nice nap...I sure did!! =)

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Kris said...

Oh, Mama...you're giving away all our secrets! ;)

Wilson was awake when I hung up with you in the wee hours, and I finished my slumber party night with he and I crashing in the living room. (His feet were REALLY sore from running around outside w/out shoes and socks last evening. We did a warm rice bag on them, rolled them with a soup can, and tried a little T.ylenol. Prayers were still the best treatment...and he was off to school with a smile today-I was amazed!!

Hmmmm...when am I going to get some sleep now?!?