Monday, June 02, 2008

enjoyable day ....

After all the tree trimming the past two days, we rented a little bobcat and Steve smoothed off the ridge so it would be easier to mow. I grabbed the photos of the trimmed trees and flowers and got this lazy boy sleeping in one of his favorite spots.... And this was one happy camper! After he went out to get the mail, he walked back in with this big grin on and said "this one has MY name on it! Sweet friends from Grand Island popped this special treat in a box and mailed it off to him. He is going to ride along in his lunch pail to work tomorrow... =)


Kris said...

Awwww, not Big Bird!!!! Mike, you're SO lucky!! :)

cheryl said...


Remember Ally's Big Bird Michael?? When you pushed his tummy and he laughed and said that was so funny? Reminds me of YOU mister!

Great picture by the way! You have such pretty eyes!

And your lazy boy makes me think of our "Buddie"...sometimes I just miss him, ya know? He LOVED takin' a long summers nap under my Hosta's b/c he could hide and keep cool.