Saturday, June 21, 2008

A full day ahead....

After I am done blogging, I will pack us up a picnic lunch. We are going to town to meet with my sisters and brother for breakfast at Barrel. We then head west to our first tractor pull of the season. Michael couldn't be more excited! First...he LOVES breakfast out, and he LOVES tractor pulls!!

We had such a good time with Eric and Stephanie last night! It was so good to see them again and we had a great time 'catching up'. I can't believe I forgot to grab a photo or two, but I will report that the girls beat the guys TWO times in pitch! =) brag...............just fact............ =) It was fun, because they have beaten us badly the last couple of times we have gotten together and they were both close games!! =) to make some sandwiches.... =)

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cheryl said...

My Wheatfield kiddos went to a Tractor Pull this mornin' too!

Somethin' about a Deere!!!