Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...all you Dads!! =)

What a beautiful day. We left for church around 7:30 this morning and it was a deep blue to the west. Yes.. another .60 of rain when we got home. It was so dark in town that the streetlights came on, but when we got out of church, the sun was shining and it was gorgeous. The papa's pick was Ken.tucky Fried Chic.ken for dinner and home for a good Sunday afternoon nap. I decided to wash vehicles. Got the burb washed and shammied down and then washed the pickup and detailed it inside. It really IS white! Wonder how long that will last? It really needed it and can't believe I let it go this long!

Sister's Sandy and Kathy planned a picnic over at Mahon.ey State Park this evening. What a nice picnic!! I'll snag a few photos from Renae if she posts some. I am such a dork. I brought my camera, but was transfering photos off the card this am, and forgot to put it back in the camera. I was taking ...I bet 10 or more photos, before I realized it had no card in it! I have done that several times before. The family is getting smaller. The kids are all growing up and off to college or marrying and have other places to be, but we always enjoy these family times and catching up on each other's family activities. Thanks for all the calls kids. We always enjoy hearing from all of you! =) Dad had a good day! =) (praying you are feeling better, Amy!!)


Kelly said...

Hope you had a Happy Father's Day, Steve! Happy, Happy Day!

Andy said...

We would have loved to be at the picnic at Mahoney, but we just got back from Minneapolis around then. I'm glad Dad had a great Father's Day! My pick was McDonalds for lunch just west of Des Moines! (We Frahm dads are easy to please) :) Nothing fancy needed!

cheryl said...

Yeah...I think Brians pick was Wendy's if I recall! That didn't turn out so well for them! PTL..she's much better tonight! Just needs a chiropracter now...wretching doesn't help a back that has slipped out! :/

Hope you had a GRAND Fathers Day Steve!