Friday, June 13, 2008

Nope...didn't blow away... =)

These are the invitations I have been working on this week. I spent a good number of hours trying to look up snail mail addresses to see if any of my classmates might have moved in the last five years. I didn't find any changes, but I find that hard to believe in a class of close to 60. I will see how many make their way back to me...returned to sender... =)

I worked three days this week which is a lot for me ....I usually only get one or two days in. One of my co-workers lost her dad this week. He was diagnosed with cancer that had spread throughout his body only 2½ weeks ago. My heart goes out to Kelly and her family. I lost my mom when I was only 23 and would have loved to have her watch her grandbabies grow up and she would have been so proud to see what wonderful adults they turned out to be. I went to the visitation last night and the family had put together a very touching slide show of photos of her dad from events over the years. So many of them were of him holding his young children or his sweet grandbabies. This unexpected passing is just one more reminder how we never know if this is our last day on earth, and how important it is to have our hearts right with the Lord. Our thoughts and prayers are sure with you during these days, Kelly.

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cheryl said...

Sandy, those invites are DARLING! I'm so impressed that you even worked it out how to "print to fold"! That should be an option for a setting on our computers! Of course, I can't even figure out some of the basics...right Brian?? : )

Anyhow...those are so cute! I'd come if I got and invite!

Hoping to see you guys this summer sometime.