Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok...I can't wait any longer!.....

Brian and Amy are coming to stay with us next weekend. I work today, but I told Cory not to call for Thursday and Friday while my kids are here. There is a very good chance they will be moving back to NE and they are coming back to look at houses in Omaha!!!! We have been praying for decisions they are trying to make. It will be so great to have them back home, if the Lord wills that. I was just wound up tight on Friday at work..just thinking about it! =) See you guys on Thursday!!! =)

Will be praying for your week now too, Cheryl. We just never know what each day will bring, but know God is in control of each day. Hope your dad is improving already. He has sure had a time of it!


Sandy B said...

That's so exciting, Steve & Sandy! Your three kids are really "on the move", aren't they? (quite literally!) :-)

Where will Brian be working?

cheryl said...

It's amazing, isn't it?? God gives us more than we can hope or imagine...and we didn't even ask for this one! It's a beautiful thing!

Dad is doing some better today and I'm hopeful I'm going to be able to make the trip...but will have to wait till the last moment, I'm thinking.

Pray that he'll get his original room back at Spring Mill (or a better one!) We decided not to pay the $200 out of pocket to hold his room since we don't know how long he'll be in the hospital.