Friday, June 20, 2008

What a week it has been. We had some hail again yesterday. It didn't ruin things, but sure keeps battering these young corn plants. Bruses the stalks and shreds the leaves a bit. Some around us have it worse. We have had over a foot of rain in the last three weeks. We are in a thunderstorm warning again today.

I have worked the last three not keeping up with the blog very good!! The days do go fast there and it is always busy.

Tonight, Eric and Stepanie are coming out for supper....and cards! Will try to remember to grab some photos. The menu: Shredded beef burritos, corn, salad and dessert either strawberry sundaes or root beer floats.... =)


cheryl said...

mmmmm....root beer floats!! I think I shall have one myself!!

And that rhubarb pie pictured below...oh me o my o!! I can almost taste it! I haven't had red rhubarb since I lived in Nebraska!

I'm thinkin....since I'm in your family now...I need to move back to Lincoln too! hmmmm...wonder what hubby thinks of that?? ;)

Janna said...

No flooding your direction then??
I just wanted to stop buy and say hi!