Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andy!!

I must be getting old! My second-born is 32 today!! My brother-in-law turns 53 today as well...happy birthday to you, too, Curt!! =) Have fun on your birthday outing tonight, Andy and Anna! We thank the Lord for blessing us with you, Andy!! =) I think this was your third birthday photo. ...notice the curls... =)
I finally finished painting my ceiling downstairs and up the stairs and landing yesterday...and I am feeling it this morning. Now I remember why I quit! =) After a pep-talk with Amy, I am off to the paintstore today, after a meeting at church, and picking up some paint to start in the kitchen.
Michael also finally got his bed yesterday, so now his rooom is jam-full of new furnature. I'll post photos later...have to get his lunch packed and head him off to work, and me to town......ta-ta!


RB said...

I like the words on the box :) Funny.

Anna said...

Ah, it's the classic wide-eyed photo of Andy that we all love. I think it's safe to say our kids definately have some of those genetics. :) Thanks for the birthday wish!!