Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In Sympathy....

We received a call that Anna's Grandma Betty passed away. She was Coral Lea's mom. She had been in a care center for some time, but it was still a shock to hear she had a heart attack at breakfast yesterday morning. Andy and Anna will not get back in time for the funeral on Friday afternoon, but I know that their thoughts and prayers will be with the family at this time. Cami and Calvin are going to stay on with us until Friday afternoon and we are going to head out there with them and get there after the funeral some time. I know Jeff and Coral Lea want some Grandpa & Grandma time with them and Nick and Sarah and Issac will still be there and the cousins can get in a bit of play time as well. It is always sad to lose someone we love and we are thankful for her 77 years and the fond memories she gave us all!

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cheryl said...

What a wonderful looking lady!! Such joy in her eyes...who wouldn't have joy holding that baby Cami!! My sympathies to the family. Yes, it is always hard to loose someone we love...and this dear grandma looks QUITE loveable!

Have fun with your granchillins!