Monday, July 07, 2008

Prayer for Michael......

If you know Michael, you know that when the grandkids come...he hides out or goes where they are not. Well, Steve went out to spray yesterday afternoon, came back late for supper (around 8 pm) and went back out to finish spraying a field a couple miles away. What I didn't know was that Michael went out to the swingset and sat on his swing until his dad came back. He always goes to bed by himself, and I thought that is what he did and I had not checked on him. I got the grandbabies ready and read books and off to bed and came back down, and honestly, dozed off in the rocker. Anyway, Steve comes home at 10 pm and comes in the back door asking why I let Michael sit out there and wait for him! He was one big mosquito bite! I can't imagine how many mosquitos had been on him and that he wouldn't just come back in......but he didn't and now I am very concerned about him getting west nile virus! I know there is nothing to do but wait out the 3 days to two weeks, but I am asking for prayer for him...............I feel really bad I did not check on him!


Brian said...

Praying for Michael. Let him know we will pray for him at dinner tonight too! Love you all!

Janna said...

I understand the hiding, Brittany gets wound up when people come and visit too.

I'll keep him in my prayers.


cheryl said...

How will he do with Amy and Brian LIVING there?? You'll have to lasso him! Maybe Amy will have to learn to be a game player!!! I know she loves Michael!!

Prayin' that he "ain't got no bugs on him"!!! Darned skitters anyhow!

He's got a great immune system...the Lord see's to that! No worries Mama!

Kris said...

He'll be in our prayers, and you and Dad as you watch out for symptoms.