Saturday, September 06, 2008

End of the Week Fun... =)

We lost our flagpole (again) during the storm that blew our engine covers away this summer and Cute Farmer found this new nifty flagpole at a farm show he went to last week. It came on Tuesday and he got it put up right away. We were sure missing our other one...we like to know what direction the wind is blowing from...and we think this is a good spot for a flag.... =) Papa finally decided to get some therapy on his neck. It has been bothering him off and on for months. It hurts so much some nights, he actually picks his head up with his hands to turn it when he rolls over in bed. He came to the clinic on Friday and I gave him his ultrasound after he visited with Cory and before he received his therapy.
No really does NOT hurt....Crampa is faking it... =)
He said the massage Cory gave him was great...I told him it would be. He will be coming in for a couple of weeks, and these girls will give him the treatment when I am not there....and they sure will... {{{hehehehe}}}
After working from 7-3, I headed to church to work a wedding. I have worked with the wedding ministry for .....I don't know HOW many YOU gals know??? I have been blessed to work with the greatest..craziest friends and sisters!! Here, they are trying to get the punch recipe just right....think it needs something else....!!! =)
We went in to Bar.rel this morning to have breakfast with my sister, Candy, brother, Paul and brother-in-law, Huey (Sharon was gone this weekend). It is so good to get together with them every few months now. I sure wish I would have thought to grab a photo!! ..I did the last time a few months ago. My brother had an accident with his pickup and ended up running over his leg and other ankle with his pickup and is thankfully, walking with a cast now. It could have been so much worse!! He will get a brace and start physical therapy probably next week. He is ready to be able to drive again and get back to work. He said he is tired of being home!
After we got home from town, Michael and I went up to the folks and watched the NU/San Jose St game with more of the family. Yea...we won again this week!!
Lots of good news this week!! ;)


cheryl said...

;) Life is good!

You are one busy lady!! Hope Steves neck feels better. Dennis could use a few rounds of ultrasound himself! Wish I had one of those machines here at home!

We can't get many UNL games back here in Bear country...I don't know what teams they put on for College around here, but I don't care much about them!

Kris said...

Glad you got to visit w/ everyone again this weekend! Did you get my message about us meeting a guy out here from Sherry's church yesterday?

Hope Dad's neck gets to feeling better! I've got issues with a shoulder and the right side of my lower back...probably has to do with attempting to start our new mower w/out the spark plug connected. (I promise, I was reading the directions!! I just didn't realize it was disconnected and was pulling and pulling and pulling that rope to no avail-just like old times!!!) :P