Monday, September 29, 2008

My KC Trip...

I got up at my usual 6am or so and tried to get a little done before I headed out. I dropped Michael off up at Grandma Junes for the day and headed across Omaha and down I29. What a beautiful fall day....sun shining and a few combines out harvesting beans the closer to MO I got.

Thanks to the help of the GPS, I drove right to Dad's rehab manor and found his room. I was so pleased that he knew me right away and I got a great big bear hug! =) We headed down to the dining hall right away and I had a good diner with him....chopped turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and carrots. I had ice cream on my tray and he had applesauce. Because of his swallowing problem, he is supposed to drink thickened water and juices and he finds them very distasteful. I do worry a bit about him getting enough liquids because of that. He is not supposed to have ice cream, so when his aide came around and he asked her if he could have some ice cream, I told her I would rather have apple sauce like Dad, and Dad quickly grabbed my ice cream with one hand while putting his apple sauce on my tray with the other. The aide turned quickly saying she never saw that, and he had that ice cream opened and snarfed down before you could say naughty boy!! I guess he is aspirating his food causing him to get into coughing spells and food in his lungs.

He is still ornery as ever, and it was actually good to see him that way. He scoots down the hall in his wheel chair pulling it with his feet. He maneuvers it very well and passed about four others getting back to his room. I had thought I would take him outside after lunch, but it was already in the 80's and I was starting to get a migraine headache. I took a pill around 2pm and hoped it would go away soon. Dad took a little snooze and I got a book out that I brought along and read for a while by his bed. Toni stopped by and we all visited until about 4:30 and I said my good byes to Dad and we headed over to a deli to have an early supper with Peg. I was not feeling well at all by then and took another pill. The food all looked so good, but I was having trouble even with the smells by then. I ordered a cup of soup and glass of water. I hated that I even ordered anything, as I took about two sips of soup and that was it. We visited until 6 pm and it was time for me to head back north. I got about 15 minutes north of KC and had to quickly pull over and ruin one of Michael's lunch totes by getting rid of what was left of that turkey dinner from noon. That three hour drive seemed very much like six. I hope I never drive that far again with a migraine. Toni and Peg both tried to convince me to stay, but I knew if I didn't start for home, I would not be able to drive home until today. I got home around 9pm and was lying down until 4am this morning. That dinner was the last I ate and drank until noon today. I had a little cup of soup and a lunch size apple sauce at work at noon. Supper was good to eat tonight. I did get up and go to work this morning at 7. It was super slow going for the first two hours, but each hour I got to feeling better and feel totally back this evening. Need to go get my dish washer running and start a load of laundry...sure didn't get any of that done this weekend!! I am so glad I went down though. It was good to see the family there and the manor is very nice. Dad has one little aide that he just loves and she is so good to him. She teases him and he just loves that. Please pray that he is able to stay until October 29, when his 100 days are in and he can come and go from a regular nursing home or home with home health help, what ever they decide. Peg is able to take Buffy (their little fluffy white dog) over to see Dad every week or so, too, and she loves does he!!


cheryl said...

After Dad's stay at Spring Mill, I can SO relate! I'm glad you found your Dad doing so well, and will continue to pray that they will allow him to stay the full 100. I don't understand why they wouldn't? Getting old is so hard...I never knew how hard until I've seen my parents age and have difficulties I never thought would happen. I'm not sure who it's most difficult on...them or US!
love you sister...and praying!

Kris said...

Ah, no wonder I wasn't able to get in touch with you yesterday! I sure hope you're "more yourself" today, so sorry you had to go thru all that migraine stuff when you were traveling.

So good to hear that grandpa seems to be doing well with the care center-sounds like it would be just the right thing for him at this point! I'll be praying that it will all work out for them.

Hope to talk to ya soon!

Anna said...

Ooh, yucky that's so rough..I'm so glad you were able to go though. I'm sure it was a big encouragement to him. We'll keep him in our prayers!!