Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks for the Fun Evening... =)

It has felt and looked like fall the past week with the cloudy and cooler weather, so I started to pull out my fall decorations. Just need a few pumpkins in the next couple of weeks to join my front door friend....
I set the table the night before and got the veggies all ready and put a big pot roast together, since Alison and I both worked from 7-4. It was fun to pull out the last four scarecrow napkins we used at the papa's 50th birthday party. The centerpiece was one that was used at a brunch break a few years ago.... After supper, we pulled out a deck of cards and played 13 point, call your partner pitch. Alison won the first game, Steve the second and Travis the last. Shawn didn't do too shabby the whole night, but just didn't get a win pulled off. We had a lot of fun and decided to try to do this more often and just have a card and munchie night....their house next!! = )
The girls and Michael (sort 0f) played the Disne.y Scen.e It game in the kitchen and played with paper and punches. Michael likes watching to movie clips more than playing the game and they played along with girls are so sweet. They crashed on the sofa and love seat later. We commented that I should have grabbed a photo of that. Little Julie had the sofa and Ashton, with legs hanging off, crashed on the love seat... =) Thank for the fun, you guys....maybe I might win one next time....and you too, Shawn!! =)


Kris said...

It's been SOOOO long since I've played pitch! We haven't found the pitch players or the time out here to do pitch, so bring on the cards at the holidays!! :)

I'm so glad you guys all got the chance to get together. Looks like you could have your own little pitch club going.

Anna said...

What a fun party! Looks like a good time. (And dido what Kris said about holiday cards!) :)

cheryl said...

Wish I could play pitch!

no really, I don't know how to play pitch! ha!

Maybe next time we have an extended family gathering, ya'll could teach me!

What a fun evening...good friends good food and good games!