Monday, November 17, 2008

A Heads-up on the lowest price I've ever seen on PSE!!

Ok girls... You know my girls and I do all of our scrapbooking the digital way. I just got an email from a friend who sells DVD tutorials packaged with the lateset version of Photoshop.Elements. It is on sale at Costco for a final price for $49.99!! You go to and type "Photoshop Elements 7" in the Search box at the top of the page. Remember, the sale price of $49.99 will only last until December 7, 2008!

Non-Costco members can also order but will have to pay $2.50 more (5 percent additional).

I am teaching a class in March at church and wonder how many gals are going to show up wondering what program I use. I would love to get the word out that this is as cheap as they would EVER find the latest version!!!


Kris said...

Probably has a bit to do with new technology in a sagging economy...I think holiday shopping will be fairly full of hot deals this year!

I'm not ready to upgrade, but I'll pass it along if anyone is looking for PSE-I know of one friend out here who is thinking about software for scrapping.

Anna said...

ooh that is a good find! Kathy was telling me the newer versions (she has 5 or 6) swaps the heads for you, super would be fun to see the new features on that. Great tip!

Kathy said...

This sale makes me one to buy another one just so I can get in on the good deal! LOL And the 'head swapper' trick I use is on Version 7. It is quite nifty when you're trying to get a 'perfect' group shot. It doesn't always get it right but does pretty well most of the time!