Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kansas City trip

Steve took the gps unit off the windshield to punch in the address to the motel and could NOT get that crazy thing to re-attach to the window. We got to laughing so hard! He finally got it to stick back on.... =) We checked in to our motel and went out to eat at Gates.BBQ and stopped a the theater and found out we were way too early to see the Christmas Carol, so we headed to Crown Center and had some ice cream and met up with the Thomas family then the whole crew headed back to the theater.
After the play, we headed back to the motel where the women CRUSHED the guys in a game of 13 point pitch. Sunday morning we headed over to Mission Road Bible Church. Pastor Rod was not there this Sunday, but a new pastor, Brad, gave an excellent sermon on the 23rd Psalm. Had lunch at Applebee's and stopped by to see Dad before we headed out of town.

Had a nice visit and headed back north to NE. Got back in time for evening church. Michael had a great time with Andy and Anna and Grandpa and Grandma!! =)


cheryl said...

HIIII....welcome to GAAAATES...may I take yo order??? OUR FAVORITE!!

What fun it looks like you had! And what a precious picture with your Daddy.

I know you're countin' the days over there and we're countin' the days up here! till we both get to see our youngins!

Anna said...

These are great pics! So glad you got to see your dad. What a fun time! Michael was awesome to have around, he's so much fun. :)

Kelly said...


HIIIIIIII....MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER!!! Makes me miss Gates! But not near as much as thinking about 13 point pitch and crushing the guys!