Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost Another Year....

Whew...I can't believe I am not doing a better job with the blog! This year has passed so quickly and so many changes. With the changing weather in March, Adam and Kristin and kids changed their address to SC. Amy Changed her name to ...well...ours =) giving us new daughter in the family!!..... I changed from being a totally stay at home farmwife to part-time physical therapy tech. Steve has changed into a tech himself, running gps in his tractors this year. Michael has changed into a factory worker and loving every minute of it! Andy & Anna have changed into mini van drivers as their family expands next spring (along with Brian and Amy's =). Lots of changes, but thankfully, one thing remains the same. Our Lord and Savior is never changing and steadfast. The world around us seems to change hour to hour and day to day. It seems to be in such turmoil as we listen to the news, but thankfully, God is in control.

We look forward to the changes in the coming year ... the two new grandsons that will be joining our family and whatever else God has in store for us.

We do ask for prayer for Michael as he has had a bit of change in his health in the past month or so. He had a small episode about a month ago at my job. I'm pretty sure it was a small seizure. Again on Christmas night or actually early Friday morning, he had a Grand Mal seizure while he was sleeping. I am hoping that he is just 'popping out' of the dosage of his meds. He has been on the same dosage for many years...more of a maintenance level, and I am hoping that a bit of an increase will continue to cover him. He has only had about 5 seizures total in his almost 29 years (since he got under control as a baby). All of the other times aside of the small incident, were because we were trying to wean him off or because he had forgottent to take several doses. All I know is that it is such an awful thing to see him go through and I have so much empathy for the dear friends we know who have children that have these almost daily! My heart just goes out to you all! We are seeking a new neurologist and praying we can get in soon. The Drs. office was supposed to try to get us set up today and were supposed to get back to me this afternoon, but I have not heard back from them. Hopefully tomorrow. He has been doing great since then and went to work today and was glad I made fried chicken, potatoes and gravy and peas for supper! =) He is such a joy! =)

from Our Daily Bread....

Nothing in our world, not even a mountain, is absolutely indestructible. God alone is absolutely unchangeable—He endures “forever” (Psalm 102:12). He “has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all” (103:19).

When we trust ourselves to God’s keeping, we are forever secure. He removes our sins from us “as far as the east is from the west” (103:12). And His mercy toward us is “from everlasting to everlasting” (v.17). He holds us in His almighty hands, and nothing can pry us loose from that omnipotent grip (John 10:28-29).

I do not rest on shifting sand,
Or fear the storm that rages;
For calm and sure, I stand secure
Upon the Rock of Ages. —Anon.

Our world may crumble around us, but God never changes.

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Andy said...

Good post. We'll keep Mike in prayer. I love the Daily Bread devotional you posted here!