Wednesday, January 14, 2009

#1 Song on the Day I was Born

One of the Scrapbook sites I get emails from is having a challenge to scrap about the #1 song on the day I was born. I am not making a page about it, but thought it would be fun to go out and see what it was. I do remember this song...but hard to believe it was #1....ever! =)

What is the #1 song on the day YOU were born?...go here to see...and I dare you to post back what it was! =) Come on lurkers ..time to crack loose!! =) I had about 40 people...mostly from Lincoln, checking here yesterday...I don't know who you are but thanks for visiting and mostly for keeping us in your prayers!!....but come on.....tell me YOUR song!! =)

(BTW...this Utube was not on that site..I went out and found it... =)

#1 song on the day you were born Click here and then choose the month you were born and then the day and then the year. You don't have to tell me those...just tell me the song!! =)


Anna said...

How funny, I would have thought that you were much younger than this song...I think the style of it makes it sound more old-fashioned or something. Glad to hear they're taking action on Mike's all you need to get taken care of is that car of yours...

cheryl said...

"Love is a Many Spendid Thing"...that's MY SONG! Ha! Pretty sweet for such a darling girl, don't cha think? HA! I'm surprised it wasn't something like, "Here comes trouble" or the like!

Dennis' was "Will you waltz with me" or something like that. Gosh...he's OLD! Ha!

Safe travels. I'm keeping in touch with little mama on your whereabouts! She's sure excited for your arrival!


Kris said...

ha...We all gathered around to listen to this just now. It's so funny, I haven't been out in blogland for several days, so I didn't know this was on here, but I JUST SANG THIS SONG TO WILSON YESTERDAY after he told me he was learning about legendary/folk heroes at school. It was almost creepy to click on the link and hear it playing back!