Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas presents... =)

We had the kids over for a lasagna supper and opened Christmas gifts later. Smiley loved her Princess theatre (Anna don't let Cami see this..she gets hers for her birthday =) It has 25 Characters from three different books. She also got a Prin.cess Y.atzee game that we played a couple of times. She caught right on to that, too! I'll get Amy in photos another day. =) Amy and I are making some plans for some girls days out and one of them envolves an Garden somewhere...yum! She's going to show me some of her thriftin places she's found..can't wait! =)
I think today will find us at maybe a couple of car shows around. The guys are just up and eating breakfast, so we'll talk about todays plans for sure.


Kris said...

I'm planning to explore our local thrift stores soon, too. About time I get in on some of that fun while the big kids are in school and see if I can find some cool furniture to paint black.

Anna said...

Sweet--Cami will LOVE that princess theater!! :) Sounds like such a fun time. Great pics!