Friday, January 09, 2009

No Cats in There! =)

I was 'office girl' at work today and my phone rang this afternoon and I saw that it said 'private' and, now the telemarketeers have my cell number. A few minutes later it beeped letting me know I had a voicemail. I made some appointments for patients and checked the voicemail. It was Michael's neurologist's office calling and wanted me to call them. Well that made me a bit nervous, but I quickly called back and the nurse said that they just wanted to let me know they had the results of his CT scan...and it was negative. I said "so when you say negative, you mean it is normal ..or nothing was found?" and she said that is correct. Whew, thank you Lord. At this point, it appears that he is 'outgrowing' his dosage and from the bloodwork, it appears that he is on the lower end of therapudic level and has room for increase, and they did increase his dosage from 800 mg per day to 1000 mg per day. He has not had any more episodes since Christmas night. It was a good day...and we are very thankful....

We had been teasing him they were scanning him for cats and they found out there were no cats in there.... =)

*****Cheryl asked how Michael did******
We talked to him for several days that he would need to have some blood work done and that he also would need to have a little tube in his arm and would have to lay very still for just a short while, and that he would get a reward for doing a good job.

He was very nervous as we arrived, but was very friendly......until they wanted to draw blood. The nurse did a wonderful job with him. She asked if he would like it from his arm or a finger poke. He said neither...he wanted to just go eat pizza. I talked him into a finger poke. (You can guess which finger....I told him it would be a lot better for him to show his hand where it took the other tech's almost 20 minutes to find a vein to run the dye).

After the finger poke we went to a different area and down to the room where the CT scans are taken. He was shaking pretty good. I told him it looks just like a big camera and he just needs to lay still for a little while. I wore a lead apron and stayed with him. He talked almost non-stop for that intire time.

It took about 8 minutes for the first sesson (with no dye) then they came with the needle and tubing.... While they tried and tried, Michael and I sang almost every Sesam.e Stree.t song on a CD that he carried with him that morning. (that was his conversation holder for the day). The tech's were empressed how much he sounded like the characters that were supposed to be singing the songs.

He was so brave...he did a great job for the most part. I leaned on his chest and held his other hand and we sang and sang until they got the lne in. The other half of the test was taken...him talking the whole rest of the time as well....then off to Val's to go for two slices of hamburger pizza a garlic roll and a Mount.ain Dew.

We are thankful that is over and all checked out ok... =)


renae said...

I would be very, very disturbed if I had a cat inside me :) They would probably claw your stomach, hehe :)

Sandy B said...

Thanks for letting us all know. I hope the increased dosage will "do the trick". I read somewhere once where a little girl was thinking about CAT scans and wondered if little kids would have kitten scans! :-)

Kris said...

Mike was joking me about a black cat on the side of his head, though!! He pointed to it and told me "It's right here." but he forgot I don't have a phone with video :D

Glad to know, whatever that was, Mike..that it WASN'T a black cat! I'm thinking maybe you just had your Mickey Mouse ears on that day and forgot!!! ;)

cheryl said...

So thankful to hear that! How'd he do with the scan itself? I was actually hoping they WOULD find a cat...since your "old friend" is gone now! : )

GOOD JOB Michael!!