Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do You Love Fonts as Much as I Do????

If you love fonts as much as I do....oh mama....I just installed this free font manager called
Font Explorer. It shows all my installed fonts and also my extra fonts that I have installed in a folder called New Fonts....where most of my fonts are. Someting VERY important to NOT install tons of fonts to the font folder on the will only allow so many and you WILL crash. When you have the font explorer open and your font folder open in it...all your fonts are available in your photoshop elements or other software you are using fonts in. I hope my girls grab this...they will love it!! =)

See if the link works now, Cheryl.
You just click on the direct download where I have it circled. Print off the page if you want.
....look on the lower right and it has screen shots of your already installed font list and if you have a saved file with fonts (like you would have for your scrapbook kits) would just click to the far left right under where is say's 'font' and it says browse folders and you find your freebie fonts.
When you have that folder open...all those fonts not only show up here so you can see them, they are now available to use in your other programs (as long as the font program is open. Cool.
There is even a little box right under tools you can click on and type your own text so you can see how they all look saying what you want ...happy birthday ...or whatever. I have an older font organizer that is not as nice as this one, on my desktop at home...think I will be removing that one and putting this one on there too.
The more fonts you have installed the slower your computer can get (right Brian??) I'll never have over 1000 installed like I did on the one I crashed. I think I had over 1200 actually. Somewhere I read that you should't have more than 500 or so installed to keep it running faster, but I know I have more than that installed on my desktop and I guess I haven't checked on the laptop, but I have a plenty on here too.....


cheryl said...

oh mama!! How do I do this? Or if I have to ask this question, should I NOT be doing it at all? Ha!

I have snagged a few free fonts (probably less than 10) from some site...will that make me crash?

You can send the installation info (like where to I save it to?) in an email, so you don't crash your blog with instructions!

Thanks for the link sistah...

cheryl said...

hold up...i can't get it to open. is the url right or is my computer crashing from all the fonts?? ha!

Anonymous said...

Well, this doesn't do me diddly-squat! I've got a MAC! Argh!

grammy4him said...

Pits, Amy, I'm not sure if I saw a font manager for mac.... ???? We'll have to do a search for one!

cheryl said...

Did you girls see that new PC commercial with the darling little oriental girl...showing us all how she prints a picture to send to her mom and dad? cute!

Thanks for adding this to the post but I'll have to try this tomorrow...I'm too tired to figure it out from beginning to end tonight. Long day...stressful day...many attacks.

BUT...there's GLORY IN THE MORNING! so goodnight.

cheryl said...

Thanks works now. I will get this done today! Have a great day down in the sun. It's in the 40's up here...supposed to get some snow later, but not as much as Omaha! Whoa...aren't ya glad your in AZ now??

Janna said...

I downloaded the font thing & love it thanks!