Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We took a day trip down to Organ.Pipe.Cactus.National.Monument.Park yesterday. It is a stones-throw from Mexico. The three hour drive was worth it. We could not believe how GREEN the desert was and wished more of it was in bloom. May is the best month to go they told us.

I saw my very first live road runner and grabbed a few shots of him. =)

We went to "cactus school" and walked around at the visitor center before taking the 21 mile trail drive.

I didn't realize how many types of cactus there are and they had a great display at the visitor center.

This was a natural arch about half way around the drive. This was about the highest point on the tour.

I wish this photo showed the green better. There were thousands upon thousands of cactus and you can't even see the tiny road down there that we came up on.....

After we got back, hubby read me an article that this is one of the most dangerous parks in the US because of illegal immigrants/ drug smugglers. There was a car pulled over when we came in and several border patrol with it and we had to stop on our way back out and have our car searched and checked by a drug dog, but it was worth the trip. God kept us safe and we sure enjoyed His creation! =)


Sandy B said...

I'll have to get Curt to see this post - it will make him homesick for the SW. Everytime he sees pictures like this, he comments on how beautiful it looks to him. I guess it is, in it's own way....but give me green grass and trees anyday.

Anna said...

What a fun field trip!! Beautiful pics, and we're glad you weren't taken over by drug smugglers. :)

Kris said...

Did the drug dog sniff out any of Mike or Dad's meds or were they all at home?

It looks beautiful to me! I love the vast amounts of different scenery that God has sprinkled over even just the US! Come out and visit Charleston with us sometime, wouldja??? We don't want to go until Dad's here to visit with us!!