Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Computers...can't live with them..can't live without them.....

Our desktop computer has died. We don't was a sudden death. We did have severe weather on Monday..tornado warnings all around...but no lightening or power surges...and it was on a battery back up surge protector. It was just its time.

At any rate, I am boxing it up and sending it off to the family computer doctor.

I brought Michael's laptop down to the office and put the card back in it that we used when our older computer died and we were waiting for this one to arrive, about three years ago. We do have some technical difficulties yet, but hope to get those resolved too. I have several projects to work on, but can get by with the laptops. Thankfully, Brian recovered my crashed external hard drive last month and I have all of those files back. Im going to pray that he can get this computer back to where it was as well, but know it is not a given that it will happen each time.

All that said, I'm glad I'm back to blogdom..... =)


cheryl said...

It is appointed for man once to die, and then the judgement. Aren't you glad those aren't the rules for computers? My printer I am trying to figure out how to install Mom and Dad's old one.

There WILL be a day I get a new laser printer.

There WILL be a day!

Anna said...

Hooray! it's resurrected again. You've had more computer and hard drive crashes than anyone I know. :) Welcome back to digi world. :)

Jennifer said...

So glad you can blog again! : )