Monday, April 20, 2009

A Farmboy Grammy fix.... =)

Calvin came home with us last night after church. He was up early and rode with me to take Michael to work and came back and we spent a little time outside before lunchtime. It is a windy, cool day, but the windbreak helped. This is Calvin's first time to spend a couple of days at the farm by himself and he is almost two!!! He is down for a nap now and we will head back over to pick up Michael after he gets up. It is fun having him here. He repeats everything and it is so fun to hear him talking so much now. He is quite a boy!! =)

....and as you can tell by this photo...I will be mowing on Thursday!! =)


Anna said...

Oh, I love this photo! Yes he was way overdue for his stay at Grammy's B&B..thanks for taking him! I know he's having tons of fun.

cheryl said...

So, so cute!! I have to say, I sure see Andy in him in that picture!! How fun to play in the yard with your grandboy!

Kris said...

The weather's looking gorgeous! Looks like you had tons of fun with Calvinator!!