Monday, April 27, 2009

Life, Death and Taxes.....

I know...that's a bit dramatic... =)
I took Michael to work this morning and then headed to the courthouse to pay our car license and taxes and our real estate taxes. I almost always forget you??

I did notice that I did not have the statement for our personal property taxes in my problem..they made me a copy and I came home to print another check for that.

I was working two windows at one time..(they were next to each other) so popped back over to the licensing window and she said..."do you have your heavy highway permit for the large semi?".. Well of course I didn't ...I only made myself two notes for in my file and one on my calendar...but that was a couple weeks ago!! Back at home I pulled that form out..that gets sent in during the previous summer and guess what? They forgot to stamp it before returning it to me. Do you think I noticed that when I filed it last summer?? ...of course not..and it needs to be done by Thursday. I looked up a number to call online and he said "yes, I do show that you are filed and it was sent back to you. You can go to your local IRS office and they will stamp it for you." Well that would be fine...but I am 10 miles from a grocery store...let alone a local IRS office!! He gave me a fax number to call and fax the unsigned form to them and a note (and I also added his ID number to prove that I had talked to a real person that verified it) and hopefully they fax me something back in the next day or two.

It is a rare year if I go to do this and have everything, but it has happened..even just last year, I believe!! You see, we even have a fleet rate on all our vehicles we insure. We farm and have lots of old trucks, semi's pickups and our personal car, etc. I take an envelope of "stuff" up there when I go in. ...and they don't even roll their eyes...they have seen it all before.... =)


cheryl said...

I just got home from spending 5 hrs. on the phone at Mom and Dad's...Caremark/CVS prescription service. He's got a $500 deductable/copy and he's already paid $709 out of pocket since Jan. 1. Of course, Walgreens blames Caremark, Caremark blames Walgreens. "Ran out of patience" daughter politely asks Caremark to get Walgreens Corporate on the phone for a 3rd party conference call. She was hesitant, but did it (so she says...she "forgot" to invite me in on that conversation!), came back 10 min. later and said there has been a mistake...not admitting guilt, nor accusing Walgreens.
I don't care whose fault it is...just FIX IT ALREADY!! Dad refused to pick up one of his important meds last night b/c they were going to charge him 20% again, after having all his meds for free last month! Plus he's made over a dozen calls to both places in the past 2 months to have this looked into!
It ended with it going to a "revision board"...whoever THEY ARE and we should "hear" something by the end of the week! I advised her in the sweetest tone I could muster up that I expected this situation to be handled by tomorrow afternoon, that he was headed back to Walgreens to pick up his RX and it better be free for him...then promptly told her that he would expect his $209.00 overpayment within the week and we wouldn't charge THEM interest!
Pleasantries exchanged..."have a good afternoon, thank you for calling, "HAVE I ANSWERED ALL YOUR QUESTIONS TO YOUR SATISFACTION TODAY?" SERIOUSLY??? Can you believe she asked me that???
I was kind and responded with "I hope so".
Now...I'm going to fix dinner b/c I have a "hurting" young woman from our church coming over for dinner and I want to encourage her.
Pray for me!!! Ha!'ll get the taxes/car licenses, etc. worked out. You're good like that!

Kris said...

phew...I'm exhausted reading both Mom's and Cheryl's agendas of the day! (and I talked to mom about hers earier today, too) :)

reminds me of getting our dmv stuff handled when we settled here in sc-one of, if not THE worst state to relocate to when it comes to dmv (we've been told) The first time I went in, I got scared after starting to wait in line and had to go home! (I'm such a wimp) :)