Friday, April 10, 2009

Meet Our Newest Grandson!!

I have been trying to upload this for almost an hour!! Blogger is not very cooperative tonight, but here it finally is!! What a little sweetheart.

Jeff and Coral Lea (Anna's folks) had the other kids at church tonight. We grandparents are so filled with joy!! =) Cami told us that he doesn't have teeth...he doesn't have shoes and he doesn't have pants on!! =) She is going to be a big helper. Calvin didn't have anything to say about him...he was tired after sitting in church for an hour.

The program was very moving. We listened to several numbers by the ensemble (Andy was back in church up there singing...and I'm sure Anna was getting some much needed rest!!) and we had communion. I can barely comprehend what our Lord did for us. We deserve so little and He gave so much. SO much to be thankful for!!!


cheryl said...

Jeeps....I've been WAITING AND WAITING!!! Ha!! What a handsome youngin' he is! He does look like Cami...nice head!!! Oh Sandy...I CANNOT WAIT for your next grandson to come along now! I look at Jude and wonder if Carter will resemble him at all? Won't these boys have a ball playing together??
Thanks for posting this tonight. I wasn't going to bed without seeing it! Ha!

The Runge Family said...

Congrats! What a cute little boy & looking so healthy too! What a blessing, God is so good.

Kathy said...

ADORABLE!!!!! Love those chubby cheeks! :) Congratulations!

Kris said...

PTL. He looks right at home in Grammy's arms :)

Sandy B said...

He's a cutie. :-) We are heading over to visit him pretty soon. Congrats on #8!