Monday, April 06, 2009

Wedding Dresses Through the Years... baby news yet, but Jude is due to arrive this week, so we are anxiously awaiting a call. Will post when we he gets here!! =)
This is the poster design for our upcoming Salad Buffet Night. We are having a style show of wedding dresses/ brides maids and flower girls. Some are modern and some are ...shall we say....antique. The centerpieces on the tables are little wedding cakes! It should be a fun (and beautiful) evening!! =)


cheryl said...

What BEAUTIFUL invites!! Looks like a REAL wedding!! Wish I could attend!!

Waitin' these last few weeks and days is hard, huh?? Amy called tonight just so puffy that she could hardly bend her fingers! I'm thinkin' she deals with pregnancy about as well as I did...just wanting it to end! After this is over, there will be 2 new baby boy's to love on and the discomforts will seem so minor, huh?
Miss you!!

Kris said...

They turned out BEAUTIFUL!