Friday, April 17, 2009

When I came out of one of the back rooms to bring an ultra sound machine back to the front, I saw the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on the front desk. I said...NOW who got flowers?? (Some of the girls had been getting them for birthdays, etc....) They said YOU did! I looked in the envelope and it was from the Blum family (for making Julie's graduation announcements!!) It made my day!! How fun and totally unexpected. Thanks so much are sweethearts!! =) I got some photos of Jude yesterday when I went in for a visit. I will put the rest on a slide show tomorrow, Anna and you can snag them (or I can make you a disk and bring it Sunday when I pick up the kidlets .. =)
I have a wall in my dining room that I have a photo collage and this is what every grandson is wearing. I should mix them all up and see if we still know who they are. I'll have to take a photo of the wall when I get Carter up there too. Oops....guess I gave away one of his birth gifts... =)


Kris said...

awww, what beautiful flowers!!!

we enjoyed talking with lil'Jude on the phone last night (yes, he had much to say!) and glad to see you got an overalls picture!

Anna said...

Love how the picture turned out! And the flowers are beautiful.

cheryl said...

How CUTE will that be? Want me to pick it up on the way out?? Ha!

You know...all these pictures of Jude is making me "fonch at the bit"! (is that how you spell fonch? Ha!!)

cheryl said...

When you get Carters picture should put em all on here since we don't all get to come to your dining room very often! ; )