Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

It was a happy Mother's day! Michael told me so right when he got up, and started my day out right! =) Church was great, as usual. Michael made me a card and gave me a sweet yellow flower (that I will plant in the planter when I come back from taking him to work. I also got another sweet card from Andy & Anna and the kiddos yesterday morning and had a nice visit with Andy at church. It was good to hear him sing during worship yesterday morning.

I got Kristin's cute card in the mail on Saturday and now have them all on display. Talked to her on Saturday late afternoon. Sorry I didn't get you called back on Saturday night, Adam. Dad called me out to the field and it was pretty late your time, by the time I got back! Thanks for the mom day wishes you left!! =)

We delivered graduation tables and chairs to sister Sandy for next weekend and went out to eat with Steve's folks. My restaurant of choice was HyVee. They have a wonderful variety and the cost is right and it was NOT busy!! I went to a gradation party for a co-worker, and also had a nice call from Brian and got a great picture in my email from Rylie. It is hanging up on Grammy's window in the kitchen. =)

We headed back down to church in the evening and out to eat at Sub.way after with a bunch of friends. Just a nice day of worship and fellowship with family and friends. much to be thankful for! =)

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