Sunday, June 07, 2009

Region V Picnic...

We all went to Michael's Region V picnic yesterday. We had the beautiful 1.8 inches of rain overnight and it was perfectly cool, breezy and partly cloudy. They had Lee's.Chicken cater and it was very yummy! We got there at 11 am and stayed until almost 2 pm. They played bingo after lunch and just kept calling numbers so most every client had a chance to bingo. Michael finally won and we went and picked up his prize ticket and he walked over to the prize table and got a bottle of fruit punch gator.aide.

I finally remembered how to get into his has been so long....and he has the photos posted on a slide show over there. I'll try to add his 'stuff' again. He wants to look at the tractor pulls or go to his links every once in a while and I felt bad that I forgot his password and finally got it figured back out! =)

We got .40 more rain last night....the crops look gorgeous! Knee high by the 4th of June instead of July!! =)

The corn is half way up the tires and is this is not even the biggest corn....

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