Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Grammy Fix

Cami came home with us on Sunday after church. We spent Monday morning in the house, coloring, cutting photos out of the newspaper (scissors are pretty cool at her age... =), and playing with dolls and their clothes. After lunch, we headed outside to work and play.
She was a big helper. This bottom photo of the flowers on my front porch was taken a couple of weeks ago. All of those beautiful flowers in the lower pot are totally gone!! Bunnies ate them in about three days. I don't know if they just discovered them, but the blue lobelias were all eaten in one night and the daisy's were gone in the next two days. I just couldn't figure out what was happening. There was dirt all over ...but I guess I enjoyed them for a couple of months!!

We played hopscotch for a while. I remember when Caroline and I played this when she was about Cami's age. Wow...that has been a few years ago now.... =)
I worked all day again today (but got off at 3:30 today). I just got a call from a good friend from WY who is in town visiting her mom and other relatives and she is coming out tomorrow am looking forward to that.
I work all day again on Friday. I really enjoy that job. There are always new patients coming in and I think I enjoy the older folks and their growing up stories the most. I can't believe how many people I have met in the past year and a half working there and how many people I run in to in other places now! =) I have had some very interesting conversations as we visit about the happenings going on in the world and even the reasons that brought them to us. Many times there have been pretty scary accidents. One guy that is coming in was rear ended by a car going over 60 mph....(his only injury is whiplash....) I told him it wasn't his time to die and God has given him more time here for a reason......
We never know what a day will bring...for any of us....we just have to make sure we are ready when that day comes........


Kris said...

It's been cloudy outside most of today, and these beautiful sunny pictures of Cams just brightened my evening-in more ways than one!

We're sure gearing up and praying that we can come and sniff whatever flowers the bunnies have left on your porch and play a little hopscotch on that sidewalk ourselves!! :)

Anna said...

I know Cami had SO much fun out the pics! That's some hungry bunny to be snarfin away at your flowers, bummer.