Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Paint

We have been busy painting over the light pink paint. We didn't change the paint in the main bath yet, but did put up a sage green shower curtain and brought over some green towels. The new paint is called "Rich Taupe" I love how it toned down the pink look of the tile. When the walls were all light pink, it really made the tiles look pink. We put a light kit on the fan in the living room and took down the fan over the dining area and put up a light fixture. We actually took the light fixture out of the condo we are staying in and put up a new fixture here that matched the fan and kitchen lights better. I think Denise will be pleased. I sent her photos this morning.

I have been looking for area rugs for the living room for a couple of weeks. I have gone to look at several on Craig's list and in different stores. I started checking garage sales. I wrote back and forth about this one and went down to look at it. It was a multi-family sale at three houses in a neighborhood. I had to ask which one had listed an area rug and they directed me to "Kim" next door. I wasn't optimistic, as the sale started on Friday and there was not a lot left at any of the three houses. I got to "Kim's" and she said yes, it is still inside in my living room. I thought it was perfect and talked her down $20. =) It looks like new!

It just looks so nice to have darker walls! Makes me want to crack open my two gallons of paint waiting for me in NE in my living room and dining room back home! =)

I found the little white bird cages on the garage sale for $1. Not sure where they will really go...just thought they were cute. =)
Have a few more things to move over later today, then I need to get busy packing and cleaning here and getting ready to head back to NE. Our last trip to church here and have supper at Brian and Amy's and load the car. We'll try to drag back as much of this sunshine and warm weather as we can. =)


Amy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that rug!!!! And for $20?! Holy cow! What a STEAL!!!!

And the little bird houses?!?!? How adorable are those!!!! :)

It still looks FABULOUS!!! Did I mention how much I LOVE that rug?! HEHE!!

Andy said...

Looks great!! Yes, please bring back lots of warm weather with you!! Drive safely.

cheryl said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Isn't it something what some color will do to make things so homey?? That rug..oh my goodness!!! I'd say..."GIFT"!!! Yes, those little bird cages are a sweet touch. I have a few ideas for those now...and they include bringing in a tiche' of "Robin Egg Blue" to the mix!!! When are you going back down to move things?? Depending on God's plan up here...I may try to swing an extra trip in this Spring...maybe. I wish...I hope...I dunno! Ha!

Sandy B said...

What a nice place and the paint and rug looks so great! I'm sure you'll love this place for years to come. Hope you have a safe, quick drive home. 50's are in the forecast this week!! :-)

Anna said...

GREAT garage sale finds, and WOW the paint looks so good!!! Glad you're almost home, looking forward to having you back!

Kelly said...

Looks great! We might have to think about visiting!!!! :)

grammy4him said...

Promise, Kelly??? =) We have visited you almost everywhere you now it's YOUR turn!! =)