Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Week.....

On Tuesday, I went to town and watched our little Cami graduate from Pre-School. It was SO cute! They sang several songs and received their little memory book diplomas. After I picked Michael up from work on Thursday, we went to the Greenwood Cemetery to decorate graves. The peonies and iris were in full bloom. It was beautiful there.

After work on Friday, Michael and I stopped at the graves in Wahoo and decorated. It was beautiful there as well. I was surprised that we were the only people there.

Every year I have to hunt for Grandma Berlins grave. I always know about where it is at, but I have yet been able to just drive right to it.

Andy and Anna called and invited Michael to go swimming with them at the Wahoo pool. He got up and hauled his bag around all morning. They all came out for lunch and went to the pool. I asked if the kids could stay over and we played outside before and after supper. It was such a beautiful day!

Cami tried her skills with one of the new "garage sale bikes". I haven't picked up training wheels yet, so she couldn't quite master it. I'll try to get some today. They always enjoy blowing bubbles.

.....and getting out the sidewalk chalk....

Cami and Calvin love riding the bikes down the hill. They tried to get Jude in on the action... He just enjoyed being outside! His favorite is the swing, but he did like this.... =)

Bath, snacks and off to bed by 8:30. I didn't hear a peep out of them all night!!


cheryl said...

Your post reminded me of and so begat so and so! That is quite a line up of Frahm's in the cemetary plots! There was an article in this mornings paper about how cremation is beginning to increase in numbers, but I think it's wonderful where you can go somewhere to pay your respects! It certainly changed Dennis' and my ideas after we lost Dad. Something very beautiful and honoring about a long as my name isn't on it! Ha! I know someday, it'll be. Praise the Lord...I won't be in the grave!!
Now...those little grannybabies...we'll aren't they just darling? The life cycle continues...and aren't we thrilled about that? Have fun in a couple of weeks!! And Merry Christmas!!! ;)
love you.

Anna said...

Aw, I just love these pics! ..and the gravestones look so nice too. The kiddos all had such a good time (and of course Andy and I weren't complainin either!) :) Thanks for having them...that little John.Deere is the perfect size for Jude. :)