Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poor Neglected Bloggie.....

I can't believe how I have neglected this poor space! When I first started blogging, I came here every day with my thoughts!

Cute Farmer is patiently waiting for the sun to come back out and the fields to dry enough to get back out and resume the planting season. We do have all the corn planted...for the first time. We have had beautiful, timely rains, but because of that, our bottom ground/water holes might need to be replanted, then on to the soybeans.

I have not even tilled my garden! I only planned on tomato plants and cucumbers this year. We are gone enough in the winter, that I don't can all the green beans and put up all the corn like I used to. We have not been eating much corn and hardly any potatoes anymore, so no use doing that. I do have my planters planted with a few spring flowers, and it sounds like it will feel a little more like spring next week.

With all the rains, water has found its way into my family room in the basement. I keep a fan running constantly and have a date set to come get my carpets cleaned in a couple of weeks. We did plug up a down spout that brings too much water from the top story down to the gutter right over the problem area. I'm guessing we are going to end up taking the floor off of our deck and building up the dirt under to slop it more away from the house. I sure don't want my carpet to get ruined....

A few friends and I are going to start a summer bible study using Jim Berg's Changed into His Image. We are going to meet every other week and do a couple chapters a week until late August. Really a good read, and looking forward to spending time studying and praying with my friends! =)

I did get most of the living room painted and picked up a couple more gallons of paint to finish the last wall in the living room and then do the stairway and hall up stairs. If I have enough paint, I might end up doing the laundry room as well. It all can use a fresh coat of paint! =)

....back to laundry... I am going to hang these sheets out even if the sun doesn't want to shine!! =)

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cheryl said...

...and I've missed you!! Seems a lot of us are on blogging sabbaticals! I hope to change that soon, b/c I really look forward to reading about everyones lives! Such a sweet way to stay connected, don't cha think?