Monday, June 14, 2010

Christmas in June....

We all got up and went to church. After church, we came home and had our traditional crab legs, shrimp, grilled chicken, salads, oven veggies, and brownie sundaes for dessert. We cleaned up from that mess and gathered around and opened gifts. I have a couple more slide shows to post, but not tonight. The kids all got up and got ready to head out this morning. The Carolina kids got out of here about 9:30 a.m. Adam's folks stopped by and had some coffee and she brought wonderful homemade pecan rolls. Brian and Amy and the kids and I left for the airport around 10:30 a.m. When we got back, we went to Ashland to P.arker's S.mokehouse to meet Chuck and Judy for lunch. They are back from Florida. They came to the twin's birthday party on Saturday. I'm glad we got to spend a little more time with them while they were here. When we left them, Scott had called and said they were all getting ready to leave from the folks, so we drove up and said goodbye. We came back home and I mowed for a couple of hours and threw in another load of laundry and back here to check email. I hear my bed calling me early tonight...... =) .... Missing all my kiddos tonight.....................


Janna said...

How fun! The grand babies have grown up so much

Anna said...

Was such a fun time! We had a blast.

cheryl said...'s official.

I'm old.

And tired.

But wouldn't trade these weeks for ANYTHING! Sorry I haven't posted pictures. My camera died and now I'm depending on my girls to send me their pictures. Ally got most of them on her new camera...but the file is so big I must wait until she comes back to upload them.

Have fun this week! Wish I were there to help, but I'd prolly fall off the ladder right now! Ha!

G'night sista!