Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Starting to Harvest....

I feel bad to have shocked Cheryl by leaving Michael's seizure post up so long.... We had a nice Labor Day weekend. On Friday, we had Alison (a friend I work with) and her family over for supper and cards. We watched the NE vs. W. Kentucky game up at the folks on Saturday night. On Sunday, we were heathens and got up and drove out to Grand Island to go to the State Fair all day. I do plan on getting the cds of the sermons. I hated missing Mike M.'s preaching. On Monday, we went in to Ali Beth's place for a grill/ potluck supper with the family. We are blessed with this great family!! I worked on Tuesday and today, and when I got home, I heard the guys talking on the radio. They are starting to pick some high moisture corn up by Ithaca. I'll have to add some photos, but it doesn't look like harvest time too much yet. Things are changing, but everything is still pretty green. I love harvest time!! =)

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cheryl said...

Whew...finally!! ;) You crack me up...heathens!! I could be catagorized as "the lost" from time to time! Dennis' schedule stinks. He has to work 4 or 5 straight Sunday's, then extras inbetween. UGH!

Looking forward to harvest pictures. It makes me feel so good when there is grain in the bin! (and on the scales!) ; )