Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fall Fotos

Cami came out after church on Sunday. We made "crafts" and she made a photo frame to take home and wanted a 'real' photo of her with the leaves. =) Our new 'shed' in the background.

We are waiting on the doors. There is quite a bit more to get done, but we can at least put the semis in this winter.

The trees were so beautiful this fall. It is such a dreary day..didn't really do the true colors justice..

I realize I kind of uploaded these backwards but this is the building going up...

Virgil heading back to the beanfield east of our house...first part of October...

Bean harvest on our "Charlotte" field..

Fall colors on our road looking east..

This little guy was in our grain bin. The lid blew open this summer and a pair of barn owls hatched little ones in there. We tried to get him help for his broken leg, but they could not save him and had to put him down. Because of that connection, we have now gotten to release four other barn owls who were able to be helped, and they also gave us a barn owl house. They fly to Texas over winter, but we hope some come back next spring and live here. The babies eat 5-8 mice a night!! We welcome that!!! =)


Sandy B said...

Great pictures of fall, harvest and your new building! (Curt was very interested in that) :-)

Yes, weren't the colors of fall this year superb?!

Quite the story of your owl, too! Hope they return next year. :-)

Kris said...

this is one of those posts that makes a far-away daughter very homesick! ♥ thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures, and looking forward to seeing the building in person next summer. Prunie would've had that poor owl for lunch if she were still around, you know. great that the rest are ok!