Thursday, December 06, 2012

Clinic Christmas Ad

Could it really be this long since I have posted to the blog???  That is amazing....and sad!  Guess it is not because we have nothing going on...I just have not taken time to post! 

It was a long summer.  The dryest on record.  Cute Farmer never worked so hard keeping the crops alive, and thanks be to God, we had a good harvest, because of the irrigation that He provided for us!  We have had a mild and still dry fall, and have all the fieldwork done and ready to plant in the spring.

I stll need to get Christmas cards designed and posters and nametags for our next brunch are floating around in my head.  I should also post this months brunch poster, so I keep them on here, even though it was on Tuesday.  It was fun.  =)

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