Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seizure Again....

Again, another seizure.  Like last time, Michael complained of an upset tummy and didn't eat well for breakfast yesterday morning.  He ate lunch at work (pizza and sprite) and stayed with me at work until I got off.  We came home and I fixed what he had asked for....grilled chicken, baked potato and corn.  He only ate the chicken.  We had talked about giving him a "Prevacid" for his tummy.  I did and he headed up to bed.  At about 10:35 you could hear he started to have a seizure in bed.  I think it was showing itself all day in how he felt.  Another call to the Dr. on Monday.  Will we just up the meds more or add another one??  We will find out.  Poor guy, sure hate seeing him go through these..

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