Friday, May 01, 2015

Celebrating Love.....

Ben and Kelsey had a beautiful wedding this weekend and the following day, we celebrated the folks 48th wedding anniversary.  Brian and Kristin joined a host of aunts and uncles and cousins along with Andy and Anna and the kids.  It was a great weekend!

I had the privilege of baking the cakes for the festivities.  We took 10 sheet cakes to the wedding and a small wedding cake for them to cut for the photos.  That was a first for me.  I showed Kelsey a few photos of cakes decorated with a rose design.  I have done 'rose' cupcakes before but not a cake.  I watched a how to Youtube a few minutes before I decorated it.  I sprinkled on a few groupings of pearl candies (which do not show in the photo).  They were pleased with it and that is all that matters.  =)
 I was thankful that I ordered boards and boxes to transport all the cakes.  They had planned on having the cakes cut in 30 pieces each, but the caterers cut them in the traditional 48 pieces.  They had four cakes left.  I made 5 marble and 5 white almond wedding cakes.  The rose cake was also white almond wedding cake and I made it into 4 layers (cutting each oval in half with floss) so it would be taller.
 I had some batter left over from the marble cakes so I made a marble sheet cake to take to the anniversary and frosted it with chocolate frosting.  The anniversary cake is also white almond wedding cake.  I used that recipe to make Annette and Chris' cupcakes a couple years ago.  That recipe is on here, I'm pretty sure.  This was all buttercream frosting.  The cupcakes had a whipped frosting.  Both are really good.  Karen (Wilhelm), Kristin and I frosted all the cakes on Friday.  That worked well.  We had 10 sheets frosted by noon.  I then frosted the wedding cake and baked the last sheet cake for the anniversary and frosted it with white and the palest of pink roses.  Lots of memories made this weekend... 

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