Friday, March 21, 2008

April Salad & Dessert Night

Calling my critique girls! You saved me last time, Kathy. Look it over good girls, before I send it out and start printing....
The front decorations will be an antique kitchen/ laundry, I believe, and the tables will be decorated with primative kitchen....tableclothes, bowls, utensils, tins, etc. Loretta will be sharing aprons she has made, and special ones that have been in her family and ones she has received as gifts over the years. I have some pretty special aprons myself, that my Daut has made me.....maybe I should wear one that night...ya think?? =) There is always so many dishes of beautiful salads and desserts set out on long tables. They are always decorated so cute, too!


cheryl said...

Lovely...simply LOVELY!!!

I think you have picture of a pretty special daughter in law with a pretty special apron on that a pretty special lady made her! Don'tcha? has WEDDING CAKES all over it! : )

I'll bet Redda would like a copy of that one...don'tcha think? : )

3 dozen cinnamon rolls done and in the freezer! Yahoo!!

Fondue is on the!

Hubby is on his way home! YAHOO!!!

Kris said...

The poster is beautiful. The only thing I wonder is if the pie plate is missing it's bottom, but perhaps it's just supposed to be a more overhead view. I've not caught any spelling or grammar errors. This should be a fun evening, you'll have to let me know how Redda makes her aprons different than mine :)

grammy4him said...

The pie was actually one from a top view that I "laid down". I put a bottom under it now, so it is more realistic. Thanks for the idea! Yes, Redda made the apron that Amy is modeling in the shower photo. Very pretty!! =)

Kathy said...

Looks great to me!