Saturday, March 01, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We got home about 8:00. Had to stop at the store on the way and grab some OJ and milk. Ok..I don't know whatchall were whining is still 60° here at 8 pm at night!! That is Phoenix weather!! ...oh yea...I was home a few weeks ago when it was 13° and windy and I was standing on 'someones' front step ring--ring--ringing to let me was cold then, nooooooooooowwww I remember! =)

You know, I had my house clean when I left. I even scrubbed and dried my tile on my hands and knees, because I wanted to come home to a clean house. I vacuumed dead flied from our upstairs bedroom, the living room and the kitchen eating area. GROSS! I know they came from the attic, because when I brought down Christmas and took it back, there were listless flies. I don't know if they came from the bathroom vent fans or what, but I know one husband I want to help investigate this mistery, or we are gonna have one unhappy keeper of the home. Now I am not going to nag, mind you, because I know this is approacing on one of our most busy times of the year, but I sure want to put a stop to!

..Other than that, car is unloaded, of course, Michael has every piece of his belongings put back exactly where they belong and he is down watching a movie....glad to be back with his 'stuff'.

Now the cat..I should have mentioned that first. I am not his favorite ya, know. He is supposed to be MY cat, givent to me by Caroline for Mother's Day about a hundred years ago..or maybe it was almost eight years ago..anyway. He DID let me pet him, but as soon as his daddy comes around the corner, he starts meowing and running around. He is just nutso!! Of course, he ran right in the house. He knows he is not a house cat....we tell him that all of the time. He is a house cat wannabe... He ran right down to the basement, because the door was left open when hubby went down to turn the water back on. He did run back out when I shooed him, but sneaked back in two more times while we were unloading the suburban. The guys ate a bowl of soup and he sat happily outside the patio door with almost a smile on his face. We know he is happy we are home. ....and we are happy is is still here! Tim, thanks for taking such good care of him!! =)

Well, I guess I will throw our load of laundry in and have a cup of chai. I have not done my shoulder exercises since night before last when we left, so better catch back up on that. Looking forward to church in the morning and seeing all the kids back here! ...and the friends too, but especially the kids this week!! Raymond, are you ready to come to Grandpa and Grammy's tomorrow?? Looking forward to Caroline, Will and Xander too, before those covered wagons head down the trail!! I asked Grandpa to make sure the 4-wheeler will start!! =) See you in the morning!! hugs to all!! =)

Oh, and Kathy, you are more than welcome to 'sit in' on the tutorials, and Kate and whoever it might help. Let me know what you are interested in, and I will do my best to explain it!! See you next week, Amy, Cheryl and Ali! Lots of fun days ahead!! =) g'night!


cheryl said...

SOOOOOOOOOO glad you're home safe! Now I have one less thing to worry about! I know your boy in AZ misses you, but ya'll make him appreciate a wifey all the more!

Enjoy your kiddos this week and we'll be there next weekend to dry your tears!

There's no place like home!


p.s. I need to borrow that heart pan for ice rings! Mine are only 1" deep and about 3" across. They'd melt before we knew it..don't ya think?

kate said...

I'm thinking when you get this wedding done, it will be time for more lessons!!! It's a lot more fun now that PSE works! Got a newer version...Yeah!

Kris said...

Welcome home, Mama!

(My sweet hubby did not tear down the pc yet like he assured me he would...hooray for insomnia and being able to drop in on your post tonight-or is it morning?!)

I love the part about Cecil the Diesel..mostly because I'm glad he's still around-but I think it's hilarious that he's so fond of being teased. We used to have so many cats that wouldn't give Dad the time of day if he was so ornery to them. Those 2 are quite the pair!

See you in a few hours :)