Friday, February 29, 2008

Tucumcari Tonight....

We got here about 6:15 this evening. Michael was begging for PizzaHut for the last 300 miles and guess what is right by our motel?... Yes, we had pizza for supper. We have had gorgeous weather all of the way. It is still 60 degrees out at 7:30 pm. Hope that follows us all the way home and cruises all the way over to Chicago and South Carolina next week!! =)

I am too lazy to go back down to the car and dig out the Aggravation game for the begging boy, so I am hoping we can all just get some much needed sleep. Steve has his voice back better and we both have stuffy noses and ears. Michael's eye is better, but I am still putting drops in as it is still wanting to be a little bit crusty. We are very thankful it has been fine traveling. We are not looking forward to the long drive tomorrow, but are looking forward to seeing all the family and friends back in NE!

All for tonight... =) hugs to all


Kris said...

Aww, got pizza! Hope you didn't complain too much about not getting to play marbles after that :)

I'm glad the travel is going well, we're praying for you!

cheryl said...


Prayin ya in sister! xxoo