Thursday, March 13, 2008

Special Day a Coming..... =)

I worked in the office the biggest part of the day, finishing up paying bills, going through the last of the mail from when we were gone and finished going through the files to get all I want out and packed away and filed all the new year in. I DO have a desk under there! =) I decided I need to go make a mess in the kitchen then... =) A little something for a special weekend coming up...... And Michael, don't you dare get into those...... =) swiping!! =)
We got another phone book in the mail today...yellow pages. My many phone books do we need?! I took a look at my desk in the kitchen and the shelves back here and decided to be my daughter....I have a stack almost two feet high of phone books that are going with Michael to work tomorrow to recycle. Who looks at a phone book any more?? I almost always look a number up on the internet. I still have our little local phone book, but the rest are outtahere..... Speaking of mail...I got the most precious note from my new daughter today..thanks so much Amy....we are soooo looking forward to having you in our family! =)
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cheryl said...

You HAVE been a busy lady today! And you even found time to help ME learn more things about scrapin'!

This looks like my kitchen just 3 1/2 years ago...right Ally?? I forgot the baking powder in one batch...wonder who got those? Ha!

Thank you so much for making this such a special weekend for the kids! We'll be sure to pack cookies in a bag for their honeymoon...that is, IF there are any left! xxoo

P.S. BEAUTIFUL silver bow! Keep that one handy!

Kris said...

I'm looking forward to sinking my own set of choppers into one of those little bits of 'momma made goodness' there :)

Good for you on getting those recycled! We don't know of a recycling site here near JA.ARS yet, so I've been frustratingly tossing everything into the garbage for now. Our dumpster is over a block away, and I do believe I forgot that I tossed yesterday's trash into the back of the van...better take care of that!!!

cheryl said...

Haha...just thought of this earlier!

~You're countin' the cookies

~I'm countin' the guest lists

~A & B are countin' the days

~While Dennis is countin' his money!

We're just countin' fools!! Good thing we know who to COUNT ON!

"Thank you LORD!"